Imagination Squared Virtual Tour

Imagination Squared

For those of you who haven't been able to see the MOCA Jacksonville Imagination Squared! exhibit yet, here is a virtual tour of all the squares installed. I was at the museum on Monday to do some final shots and took some time to enjoy the "ambiance" of the artwork by myself. It is quite an extraordinary exhibit, and it seemed like each of the squares was speaking out to me with a unique story. One can certainly spend a lot of time exploring each piece.

You should be able to click into the window below to zoom and pan around the exhibit. Or you can use the little navigation contols on the toolbar. The image shows everything flattened out (the left, front, and right walls). This is a composite made from 7 images and processed using the Zoomify export in Adobe Photoshop CS4. Have fun!



I'll be posting my technique of embedding Zoomify into a Wordpress blog. Stay tuned.