RAM Squares

Riverside Arts Market (RAM) is a local venue that hosts artists and food vendors each Saturday under the Fuller Warren Bridge. They have done a remarkable job creating and sustaining a vibrant arts following in Jacksonville. Their latest project (RAM Art Gallery) features work by local artists who embellish a 12x12 squares, similar to the Imagination Square concept. These are displayed and sold in the market, providing affordable art from some well known local artists. Marsha Faulkner, ASID was asked to use the squares in various interiors to give people an idea of what the squares could look like in their homes. Marsha and I took the day to cart these squares all over town, setting them up and photographing for all to see. So far sales have been brisk and likely to pick up for the holiday season. Check it out next Saturday.

RAM Squares - here's one by Jim Draper  RAM Squares

RAM Squares   RAM Squares   RAM Squares