City Views

I am an observer of buildings. My brand of street photography deals with the built environment and the effect that structures have on the space they occupy and influence. On a typical street outing, my gaze is slightly above street level. I seek a particular “view” when the buildings seem to reach a heightened state of interaction. I frame a composition that maximizes the visual dynamic of the composition through layering, juxtaposition, contrast, and forms.

In many ways the city and its buildings is like a forest with its trees. Individual participants each with unique characteristics define a collective whole. The visual exercise is framing views of the collective so that the arrangement becomes the subject as opposed to an individual building (architectural building portrait) or the entire city (skyline or aerial). Through isolation using a long lens and removal of context by minimizing sky and street level evidence, the scene is abstracted and the structures with their facades, forms, textures, and colors, becomes the palette for the image.