A cold morning at Big Talbot

Big Talbot sunrise I wanted to bring my visiting friend, Cliff Mair to my favorite place at the end of Blackrock Trail on Big Talbot Island. Problem was that record cold temperatures were predicted, and I am not fond of freezing my butt off at sunrise. However, a low tide at sunrise was too much to pass up so we headed out. Please remember that I lured Cliff here to Florida because of our warm winters and great clouds. The day he arrived a cold front blew in and took all the clouds away. 4 days of record cold, freezing nights, and cloudless skies. For an outdoor landscape photographer this is not fun.

JEA Cooling TowersAfter about an hour after sunrise Cliff was ready to go. I was too. It's tough to find compositions when the light isn't cooperating. Not that I didn't try. I was looking for shadows, patterns, and details, but the light was just too strong. We decided to head up to New Berlin Road to shoot the cooling towers at the JEA power plant. I've been out there before but usually on weekends. Today the security guard decided to show up. He was not happy with us pointing our long lenses on tripods at the towers. We were going for some long exposures to capture the smoke trails using a Vari-ND filter from Singh-Ray. Great technique if you can get a 10-15 second exposure. The guard asked for ID, and now I'm in the database as a suspect. If anything happens to those towers I guess I can expect a call.