Barnett Building finds new life

  Barnett Building 1

Our 2013 One Spark project Beyond the Facade was located on the front of the former Barnett Tower on the corner of Laura and Adams. The once majestic windows are once again uncovered, as our murals and underlying plywood were removed. It's so nice to see the building again, and renovations are starting to house a law school, offices, and apartments. I was able to take a few shots inside the building before construction begins sometime after One Spark 2014. The building was already gutted several years ago in anticipation of another renovation project which failed. This time things look good for this grand building to come back to life.


Walking around and photographing old buildings is one of my favorite activities. I like to feel the history within the walls and imagine all the activity in the previous use. It's uplifting to know a building is going to be re-used instead of torn down. Although most of the old character is gone, the main structure and exterior will remain. We need reminders of the past to realize that our city has a long and prosperous history.