Big Talbot Island repeat

This is my 14th session for shooting on my Jacksonville project, and I headed back out to Big Talbot Island, one of my favorite spots on an overcast day, hoping to catch some interesting views and details off of Black Rock Trail. The trailhead creeps up on you quickly after you pass Simpson's Creek on Hecksher Drive. It's a 1/2 mile easy hike in. It's October 28 and the temperature was 87 degrees with a massive dose of humidity and gnats flying everywhere. I arrived about 2 hours after low tide at around 11:oo am.


It's hard to get situated and in the flow when amongst a bunch of giant trees lying dead on the shore. I was overwhelmed. Sometimes it's best to just sit down and take the site in. As I stood and stared, an armadillo walked out of the woods and down the trail. Funny how things start to happen if you just stay still for a while. There is a ladder leading down to the shore (thank you whoever build this!) and I started walking south. I believe the "black rock" is actually exposed limestone and coquina, which makes for an interesting shoreline. The sun was poking in and out of the clouds, and there were darker stormy clouds to the north.

As it approached 4:00 a fisherman was making his way back and asked if I was familiar with the area. "Oh sure, I've been here many times...why do you ask?" "Well, you know as the tide comes in, the point over there floods early and you cannot walk around to get back to the trail," he casually replied. Note: there is a 12-20 ft bluff running along the shore in this area. "And you know the tide is coming in fast so I'm heading out." "Great idea, and thanks for letting me know!" Now that little piece of information saved me a whole lot of aggravation. Walking on the jagged limestone was tricky enough when you can see where you are going. Not a good idea especially when you are carrying a whole bunch of camera gear, tripod, etc. So what would have happened if that fisherman didn't stop or wasn't there? Gulp.

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