Blogging marathon over!

That was tough...13 posts in 4 days plus all the gallery updates. What a lot of activity since late August, I guess I've been busy. I think you will find some interesting stuff from August 20 onwards. Been to some interesting places. Never again do we fall behind... I'm looking forward to an exciting 2009 with lots of possibilities, opportunities, and changes ahead. You will see my plans mature as I seek to find a way through this new career. My proposed calendar for the next few months:

FotoFusion- Delray Bch FL, Jan 27-31 Doug's Photo Tour of South FL, Feb 1-5 Black & White Workshop with John Paul Caponigro, March 2-6 Doug's Winter Photo Tour of Maine, Mar 7-12 AIPAD - NYC. Mar 26 Photoshop World - Boston, Mar 25-27 (so how can I be in NY and Boston at the same time?) Look3 - Charlottesville VA, Jun 11-13 ?

Now it's on to updating the website, captioning and keywording, and backing up. Have you backed up your HDD recently? No? Call me guilty. I will have something on my PhotoShelter adventure soon. See you on the road!