Critical Mass Top 200 Finalist

critical massWe were thrilled to receive a Finalist Award at Critical Mass this year for Streaming South. This very competitive and prestigious competition is held annually, and I will have to confess that I've been entering for the past three years with no luck. It's always nice to be recognized by the industry for your work, and the submissions are always phenomenal. It is amazing to see the work that is being produced all over the world. A few comments from the jurors:

Beautiful scenes, nicely composed, if somewhat romantic views.

Appreciate the modest scale and cohesive group.

Some very lovely work that does truly reflect the artist's interest in, and admiration of, the work of the 19th century landscape painters both the Hudson River School and the Luminists. For me some of the photographs are too similar, however, the best of them are refreshingly beautiful. Good work.

Clear that extreme care and editing went into these images and the selection. A special care for these color landscape with a motivation akin Robert Adams’ B&W images.

Douglas, Your artist statement is so wonderful, it works well to give your images context. One gets easily pulled into the frame and the meditative feeling is great to feel. For me, the last image 'Water Spirit' is lovely.

Nice project that could have been an exercise in 'same-ness,' but realized as a beautiful essay here.

The cloud image is a surprise, yet it fits your theme.

A lovely, poetic body of work, Douglas. I like the personal element in your narrative. Very delicately done. Thank you for sharing this with us!

These are very pretty. I do love the contemplative quality.