Cultural Council Arts Awards

For 36 years the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville presents awards to outstanding individuals and companies who have contributed in an exemplary way to the arts in Jacksonville. Categories exist for Small Business, Educator, Innovator, Individual, and for this year, an Individual Hall of Fame. The customary award is a piece of art produced by a local artist. Many distinguished artists have provided pieces for the award. I was honored to be asked by the Cultural Council to produce the award for the 2012 recipients. My first inclination was to provide a framed print or a print with face-mount acrylic. As I thought about this I also considered that a) if the recipient didn't really like the print enough to hang on the wall, it would end up in a closet somewhere, and b) personalizing the print with a brass plaque would be pretty cheesy, and c) there would be no opportunity to express a personal message to the recipients.

I have always been a big fan of folios...a box holding fine art prints. They always seemed so tactile and special and allowed unobstructed viewing of a print anywhere. Besides, if the recipient really didn't like the award, they could easily tuck it on the shelf.

CCaward_design.. CCAwards-prep

I designed a folio box to contain a series of 15 images, 9x6 printed on Exhibition Fiber 11x8.5 paper. There was also a cover sheet, intro, and colophon. I had the box custom made by Portfoliobox, a company in Pawtucket, RI. They produced a case for one of Clyde Butcher's limited edition books that I had in my collection. I designed the box to look like the exterior of the AT&T tower, a stainless steel clad building where the award ceremony was to be held. The box contained an inset with a strip of the building's window, reflecting some clouds and containing the text of the award and recipient's name.

With a few last minute complications, I produced 6 copies of the award and was very happy with the result. I think all the recipients were happy with it too. Here are a few sample pages: