Details, details...

Don't sweat the details? I think not. Execution on the details is critical to getting a business going.


Sales Tax: If you are selling any product in FL you need to collect sales tax. It's the law, there's no way around it. Just because you are a staving artist doesn't give you a reprieve from the tax guys. So you need to apply for an ID, pay your dues, and report  every month (don't forget) your sales tax collected, even if it is zero. Yes, this is a pain. Don't forget you can give your local suppliers your resale certificate and ID to avoid paying sales tax on supplies you are reselling, like frames and mats, stuff from Staples, etc. Every bit helps.


credit_card_logos_15 = OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Merchant Account: Do you use a credit card? And do you think your potential customers use credit cards? There's nothing more convincing to a prospective customer that you are a total amateur than an inability to do a basic credit transaction (I know this from experience). Cash or check only? I don't know about you but I don't carry $200 in cash nor do I carry blank checks. So what makes you think your customers do? I called my banker to get a Merchant Account set up through First Data. I know I could have probably saved some money by going online and finding Joe's Credit Card Clearing House, but when it comes to swiping cards and having money being transacted, I want the security of knowing I can call my banker when there is a problem, and have funds deposited directly into my account. I will probably be going through PayPal for my online sales, but my bank is fixing me up with a small terminal to swipe or enter cards for $15/month. I'm ok with that.

How much photography did I get done today?