Drive by shooting

Sunset from Dames Point Bridge On my way out to Oceanway to photograph some road improvements, I witnessed one of those rare sunsets that deserved to be recorded. I could see the heavy clouds and the sun intermittently peaking through as I was making my way north on 9A. I knew that I would have a clear shot of whatever was going on once I was on the Dames Point Bridge. Luckily it was Saturday and not a very heavy traffic day. As I approached the ramp I reached for my camera which just happened to be on the seat next to me. I needed a relatively fast shutter speed which was no problem since I was shooting into the sun. My concern was actually overexposing the shot if too much of the sun was not covered by clouds. Going northbound on the bridge with the sun setting in the west meant that I needed to shoot over the oncoming traffic from my side of the car. I slid over to the left most lane and slowed down.

Now people are usually speeding over this bridge. Three lanes of high speed traffic. I put on my emergency flasher and hoped for the best. I slowed to about 30 mph and took one shot, holding my 5D II and 24-70 f2.8 with one hand, the other hand on the wheel. I quickly focused and shot. I didn't have the nerve to keep shooting, a tractor trailer was fast approaching in my rear view mirror. I sped up and went over the bridge, and enjoyed the rest of the sunset while driving.

I was thrilled that I got the shot (1/800, f/13, ISO 200). Sometimes we get lucky.