Faulkner Residence

Faulkner HouseNestled in the Mandarin woods on Brady Road sits a remarkable house. I remember during construction wondering what would eventually evolve. I tire of the cookie cutter builder's homes covering our neighborhood (in fact I live in one). I knew there was going to be something different about this structure. The home's architect, Jason Faulkner is also a builder, craftsman, and mechanic. A graduate of the University of Florida, he decided that he needed a place to work on his cars (he races a vintage Porsche) so the house and workshop was born out of that necessity. Finding a corner lot with open access allowed him to build his ideal living and play space. Unsatisfied with the workmanship of the initial contractor, he took upon himself to hand build 80% of the house. The house contains standard building materials, all things you can buy at Home Depot, plus a few commercial windows and found objects. Jason's wife Marsha, an interior designer, applied her talents to the inside of the house. The result? Something I find unique and playful, functional and visually stimulating. What I particularly enjoy are the attention to details, use of materials, and the open spaces. Oh yes and the workshop, every guy's dream garage with plenty of space for cars and car stuff. Jason and Marsha have recently launched their own practices. Can't wait to see the types of projects that will emerge from their studios.

 Faulkner House, East elevation  Faulkner House, West elevation

Faulkner House interior 1  Faulkner House interior 2