Freezing my @ss in St Eustache

My good buddy Ed took me out shooting today on the west end of Laval. Please note that it is January and I am outside like a crazy person with my camera. We first stopped in a small town called Deux-Montagnes where they were ice fishing. Now that looks like a whole lot of fun, sitting on a frozen lake, waiting for a fish to take your line through a hole in the ice. Apparently it is a great Quebec pastime (maybe they are drinking lots of vodka in those little huts). It was actually the first time I observed this most interesting sport. I don't think you'll find a lot of Southerners out there trying it out. At least your catch comes pre-frozen.  


Then we headed to St. Eustache where apparently the British put down a French rebellion. We were in the back of a historic church where we watched the sunset, grabbed some photos, and froze our you-know-what off. Even Ed said he was cold. Ok, it's time to head back to FL.