Guana River WMA

Marsh at North Jones Creek Admittedly I haven’t spent much time at Guana and had never taken my bike onto the extensive trails to do any exploring. I made a reconnaissance trip to the north-west entrance to the park and did a small hike to take a look. Parking was very easy as the lot is designed to accommodate horse trailers. Walking on an equestrian path is not my preference for a wilderness trail. I returned with my bike and with my loaded backpack complete with tripod I headed into the park in search of wonderful things. My first stop managed to capture the last of the overcast light, and the sun burst through the clouds as I completed my shooting and I sighed with disappointment. No clouds in sight. I decided to keep moving on. The trails were flat but sandy in many areas and the weight of my gear was really starting to challenge me, plus the temperature was rising fast. I covered a trail that skirted Guana Lake but could not find a good place to access the water. The vegetation is very thick and full of bugs! After riding for about an hour I decided to head back and return when the light was better. Sometimes my dependence on the weather becomes a major hindrance on when I can shoot outside, but I have never been able to deal with the bright contrasty light of a sunny day.

Guana WMA, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Cloud Pool