Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge

A little off the beaten path between Jacksonville and Savannah is the Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge converted from a WWII Army airstrip. It includes about 2600 acres and a paved road from which numerous hiking trails are connected. Of course I was after some interesting trees. As soon as I arrived the drizzle started, and increased to a light rain soon after. At a certain point the rain begins to interfere with the sharpness of an image, so I drove in and basically waited for about an hour. One thing to remember when the humidity is hovering around 90%, taking a camera from a cold air conditioned car to the outside is like having a glass of iced tea at the pool -  instant condensation on the lenses. It took another 15 minutes to stabilize the moisture. It's also handy to have your lens hoods on as it keeps the water droplets off the lens. Nothing like discovering that your last 20 shots have nice round globs all over them (been there, done that).


It was easy to just pull off the road and hike in to catch a great tree. But standing there for just a minute must have sounded the dinner bell for the mosquitoes. At the marsh near the entry to the park were thousands of white ibis off in the trees. At one point they all took off and filled the sky...camera was in the car. This is a great birding area and listed on the Colonial Coast Birding Trail.

More images of the Harris Neck NWR can be viewed here.