Holidays are for updating blogs

Ok I haven't updated this blog since August 20, not that anyone really cares but I was on a roll for a while. Lots going on in 4 months including my "retirement" from the day job in September, moving from Montréal back to Jacksonville, and various trips. The holidays are great with family and lots of printing for gifts. copy-of-threelotusleaves

lifeimages_w09On Chrismas Eve I received through the mail a copy of Life Images (Winter 09) published by Stampington. To my surprise it contained my submission "Three Lotus Leaves" on page 8. Check it out if you go to Barnes & Noble or Borders. What a nice present for Christmas.

So over the next few days you may see some older entries being filled in from the past...our trip to Ithaca NY, my last days in Quebec, our fall drive from Montréal through Ontario and the Michigan UP and WV to Jacksonville, another trip to NYC, and my trip to Los Osos CA. All great times and lots of beautiful scenery.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!