Horrors...Pbase is down!

I went to update my Pbase galleries and found this nice message: Bad news...

I suddenly realized that this is a BIG deal not only for me but for thousands of other photographers who rely on Pbase for image storage. My original images are saved on multiple hard drives, but my entire sorted collection of lo-res images for reference, review, and feeding this blog are all on Pbase. This ends up being 273 galleries and 7900 images. Pbase has been around for years and my fear is that they have not kept current with the technology required for managing such a large database. Apparently they are based on Oracle, and they lost their server. This can be some serious stuff. I feel for the owner of this business, because I'm sure every user is going to re-evaluate their decision to use the service.

Update: the service came up after about 3 days of being down, not a very good turnaround. I'm rethinking my options, Flickr and Picassa are free and basically can offer the same functionality that I'm paying around $70 a year for, hmmm, looks like a change may be coming.