Inspiration from Jim Henson

"I don't know exactly where ideas come's just a matter of us figuring out how to receive the ideas waiting to be heard."  - Jim Henson


Today we drove to Orlando to view the Jim Henson Smithsonian exhibition at the Orlando History Center. I'm a great fan of the Muppets and it was very enlightening to see how Henson's career developed and how prolific he was as creative genius. From early starts in TV commercials, to Sesame Street, to the Muppets, to movies like the Dark Crystal...the list goes on. I also realized that as a businessman, Henson was very aware of not only what the market needed, but how to build an organization that enabled him to enlist the talents of others and to leave a legacy of accomplishment. They don't make them like Jim Henson very often. Try to catch this exhibit if it comes close to you.

"I've always been in awe of the incredible beauty of every last bit of design in nature." - Jim Henson

After the museum closed we walked to the Church Street Marketplace and to my surprise it was largely abandoned. This used to be a happening place. Very sad. A huge condo was in the main square and the security guard said it was in foreclosure. Rough times everywhere.

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