Jaffe Center for Book Arts

On the FAU campus in Boca Raton, FL is a hidden secret among book artists - the Jaffe Center for Book Arts. It houses a collection of over 6,000 artists' books, selected for their artistic expression, aesthetics, and unique book structures. Truly a one-of-a-kind collection. It occurred to me that as I attempt to assemble folios of my own prints, that the container should reflect the spirit and craftsmanship of the images, as opposed to some manufactured stamped out folder from Office Depot. In fact, a collection of prints bound or loose, is in every sense an "artist book". Just as a mat and frame enhance a larger print for display, a folio should serve a similar purpose when carrying a group of prints. My next project is to design and create a folio product with the artist book in mind. It's amazing how creative and beautiful some of these handmade books are. Many are produced as limited editions, and sought after by collectors and museums. Combining the medium of artist book and photographic folio does not seem to be a common practice. Perhaps one does not want to be distracted by the other. Are you a photograph or are you a book? I saw a few very beautiful photographic books in the Jaffe collection, some with minimal text, others with loose prints and pages. Anything is possible.


img_0210 img_0199

We were very honored to have time with both Arthur Jaffe, original donor of the collection, and John Cutrone, Program Director. Their love of books is evident. Thank you gentlemen for sharing your passion with us.