Lightroom resources

My adventure into Lightroom has begun. The web has so much to offer, and it it easy to get lost in what is available. From the Adobe site Lightroom product page you can go to the Design Center for a bunch of related links for tutorials and help. A good Lightroom forum can be found at

George Jardin's blog (former Adobe Lightroom evangelist) There are several Podcasts and interviews that are VERY insightful for Lightroom and photography in general. Unfortunately George left Adobe in July but his podcasts are still available on his idisk. Grab them now before someone takes his site down. I spent several hours last night listening to interviews with Jay Maisel, Steve McCurry, Greg Gorman, and others.

Lightroom Tutorial Podcast #45 The Lightroom Catalog - Part 1, or “Where Are My Pictures?” is particularly insightful on what is going on with Lightroom file organization, and why most people (including me) are completely confused with a database approach vs. a file browser approach. Then listen to the interview with Maisel, Gorman, and Resnik (Podcast #42) to ask yourself why you are bothering to go through all this to store your images.

On an unrelated note, I ran into this link for interviews with great contemporary photographers