Man's mark on the earth

Contained Sunrise Today while out shooting on Hecksher Drive it occurred to me that it's hard to avoid evidence of man's presence on the earth. I drove out to a fairly remote area north of town, where I can remember my dad taking my brother and I fishing. It was always a quiet and peaceful area where there were few cars and even fewer permanent man made structures. As I was watching the sunrise, my view was obstructed by a  huge container ship bringing its load to port. On the right on a piece of land stretching out into the water were a group of houses (just waiting to be demolished by our next hurricane). In front of me were chunks of concrete, covered by barnacles, and at low tide, the assorted collection of plastic bottles, beer cans, cigarette butts, and fishing line could be seen strewn about. But this did not detract from the grandeur of the sunrise and the majesty of nature's presence, as you can see.

 Clouds by Man

On my way home, I stopped to photograph one of my landmarks, the St Johns River Power Park cooling towers and boiler stack. The plant was working hard, and the man-made clouds were in stark contrast to the clouds I witnessed earlier in the day.