Message in a Bottle: Wall of Light

Wall of Light - Main Street Park I'm close to launching a new project that I'm super excited about. It was conceived originally as an art project based on our activity at Main Street Park for the past 2 months. I wanted to create something in the large planter that runs the length of the block. I envisioned a sculpture that could be illuminated and portray the flowing characteristic of our river and ocean. After deciding on recycled water bottles as the construction material, I concluded that at least 30,000 bottles were required to make something effective. Then I watched the memorials on 9/11. I was emotionally impacted. There are people who give freely of their lives for a higher purpose. I wanted this art to be about those people.

What if each bottle contained a message to our military troops, and what if these messages in a bottle were provided by the people of the city? What if we recorded these messages into a collective voice that could be communicated to our troops and their families? My job would simply be to facilitate the collection, post the messages on a website, and construct the wall with the bottles. This is what our project is all about - a message of gratitude to those who serve. Please read all about it here: