Mounting big prints

I'm beginning to print some of my Forest re:Framed big tree scrolls and needed to figure out a way to mount the print for display. Push pins to the wall isn't going to get this into a gallery. I had an idea to use 20" aluminum roof sheathing as the substrate so that it could have some rigidity, permanence, and could be rolled for transport. I purchased a $200 roll laminator on eBay and a roll of two sided adhesive. This was essentially a huge roll of double stick tape. Ryan came over to assist in the grand experiment. First step is applying the laminate to the aluminum. Then you remove the second backing paper as you roll the aluminum + print combination through. Given that we had no practice, we made it all the way with just a little wandering. I think uneven pressure on the rollers caused the sandwich to slip. After the print was affixed to the metal, a some velcro tape was used to attach to print to a frame. We plan to upgrade the structure to aluminum channels. Mounting adhesive to aluminum Mounting print to aluminum Pulling everything through Frame construction with velcro tape to hold the print The finished print hanging in the studio