My Fogle Artist Lecture on "The Art of Seeing"

Fogle Artist Series postcardYesterday I presented my first "official" public lecture as an artist as part of the Fogle Artist Lecture Series at the Jacksonville River Club. I was nervous about this event and questioned whether I had anything significant to say. I wanted to give attendees some insight into what photographers look for, and to provide some inspiration for aspiring photographers to look at things differently. I started off by showing some examples of my work along with a narrative about different subjects and feelings. Then I handed out a "Great Image Checklist" inspired by George Barr's post on Luminous Landscape. We used this list to review several of my images from downtown Jacksonville. Great Image Checklist 1.   Eye catching 2.   Strong composition 3.   Relatively few picture elements 4.   No elements beyond what is required 5.   Uses light and or surface reflections effectively 6.   Contains a limited color palette which contrasts or complements 7.   Has a message 8.   Leaves you wondering, while at the same time satisfying you that the image is complete 9.   Shows the unusual, the unnoticed or interesting juxtapositions 10. Tells a story or triggers memories 11. Gives you reasons to come back to the image 12. Captures a unique moment in time 13. Has something extra magical about them

I received many compliments on the lecture from friends and fellow photographers. I think I was able to provide a good introduction to myself and provide food for thought to people wanting to improve their photography. It was fun, despite the butterflies and nervousness of public speaking. I love to talk to people about my work and hopefully help others hone their interests in photography. So many people have helped me.

I also realized the importance of getting out and meeting people, especially for artists. People want to know what you have to say, and the more they know you the better chance that they may want your art to be part of their lives. I'm thankful to Fogle Fine Art for letting me kick off the series and look forward to many more presentations in the future!

Promotional poster...yes you have to promote yourself!