My new 5D Mk II

Canon 5D Mk2 Well I took the big plunge and ordered the Mk II. Everyone is raving about this camera and I cancelled my order back in October of last year due to the economy. I came to the conclusion that at some point I needed to print larger with quality. This was evident in the project for Shands. Blowing up a 5D1 uncropped image to 20x30 is not really a problem, but with a crop, handheld, and going to 24x36 and 30x45 and higher would be impossible. I will be selling one or both of my 5D1 bodies. My original 5D1 served me well. She is a workhorse and has plenty of clicks left in her.

The new body feels the same as the old. But the images were different. I could just sense the difference and when I pulled them into Lightroom for processing I could see the extra oomph those new pixels were providing. I little more clarity and sharpness. It's probably mostly in my head but it's almost like getting a new set of wheels for your bike, you can feel the difference but will it make you a better rider? Yes and no. Equipment is equipment. But since I am a gearhead, equipment gets into my head so yes, it affects my thinking. Since my images have the potential to make larger prints I think about that potential and look at my subjects with a slightly different perspective. I'm looking forward to seeing the prints. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to get this camera but I had to dig deep to make the justification. We all need to make choices. Selling existing equipment to replace with new seems to make sense. I thank my friend Bill Yates for making this obvious to me.