Ocala National Forest

Oak Hammock - Ocala National Forest I love visiting the Ocala National Forest in the spring. On first glance the "forest" dose not fit the typical expectation of a classical forest. Miles and miles of pines intersected by dirt roads does not make one think of the deep dark forest of ancient trees. No, Ocala is mostly managed timberland, with very little (if any) old growth trees. Mostly pines and a few oaks, wiregrass, and dirt roads. That's it. Finding points of interest is the fun part, as there are pockets of live oak and other flowering trees interspersed within the property. I found this particular oak hammock on my last visit and was a little unclear where it was located. I drove around retracing what I remembered as my old route and there it was. Going to a site multiple times is always good for me. I always have a new perspective and it allows you to try new things.

I am shooting stitched panoramas and this was a perfect scene for one. I'm also doing more shots looking straight up and again, the subject yielded a lot of interesting material. I'm sure i'll be back again for another visit and some new things to try.

Oak Canopy 148

Oak Canopy 157