On Fertile Ground at the Lufrano Gallery

Lufrano Installation Today we installed 40 prints for the upcoming exhibition at the Lufrano Gallery at the UNF Intercultural Center for Peace. It's a wonderful facility and I am honored to be showing there. I was approached by Paul Ladnier early in 2013 to do a show there. At first we were going to do a gallery version of Message in a Bottle: Wall of Light, but earlier this year I asked to switch to On Fertile Ground. I know this is not normal to change a gallery show but I'm glad everyone was cool with it. My decision to change came after film maker Clifton Brewer offered to make a sample video on a topic of my choice. I chose to resurrect the farm project which had its debut in 2011.

On Fertile Ground Postcard-1

The University of North Florida is a first-class institution with a world class fine arts department. A reception is scheduled on August 29th for the exhibition. Postcards were mailed out and posters made. I'm excited to be there.

For more information on the exhibit see the project website at: http://on-fertile-ground.com