Photo shoot in NYC

As all of you know my daughter is writing a book on fashion and technology, and we did a photo shoot on 12 of her projects for the book. I invited my good friend and fellow photographer André Walker, to lead the shoot, while I provided the documentary and candid shots. I was also serving as André’s assistant, which proved to be a fun experience. We were able to use the EOS Utility to tether the ID Mk2 to my laptop to give instant feedback on each shot, so that Diana could ensure that she got what she wanted. This proved to be a very efficient way to work, and provided the instant feedback for adjustments and assurance that we got the shot. I set up 2 Speedlights to grab my candids in between shots. As you can see I captured some good artistic collaboration. With the music going and everyone in the flow, we were having a creative play day. The female model was extremely professional and it’s amazing the difference she made in the ease of the overall shooting…no direction required. It became apparent to me that my next educational emphasis is on lighting, on location and studio. It is very clear to me that lighting makes the shot. With the setup we had (3 strobes w/1 on a softbox and 2 on umbrellas), we were able to provide consistent quality light throughout. But I was satisfied with the Speedlights too, as they performed very well and were easy to move around. We will certainly pursue more effective use of these little guys too.