Seeing new in familiar places

One of my favorite walks in Central Park is along "The Mall," home of a large grove of American Elms. In late fall the the rhythm and flow of the branches are revealed. I love finding views that accentuate the organic nature of the tree along with the complexity of the structure. It was interesting that these shots were taken while walking north. When I turned around to walk south I failed to "see" anything. I did the walk 3 times, finding something new on each round. "The truth of trees can be found in the winter when the clarity of sunlight most reveals each tree as a unique form. Trees, rooted in earth, reaching for the sun and stars, each in its own way. And each with its own symmetry, its own pattern." - Hal Borland



CentralPark_2014-1107-041      CentralPark_2014-1107-049