Spring at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Main Entrance - Brooklyn Botanic Garden On my list was to catch the Cherry Esplanade at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden at peak. I watched the Bloom Meter on the BBG website to see if there was any chance of catching something during our planned trip in early May. With the weather being all screwy lately, I thought there may be a chance. The stars aligned and the weather and trees cooperated for an outstanding display on a foggy May morning. I arrived at 8:30 and was the only one there for a while. Usually this place is packed with people. It was all magical.

Cherry Esplanade - Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Overall I was overwhelmed with what I saw. After about 3 hours I was exhausted. It is rare that I arrive at a place and conditions are so perfect for photography. I don't think I made any extraordinary images that day, but the experience was memorable. This day will be in my mind for a long time.

Cherry Walk - Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Touch - Brooklyn Botanic Garden