The magical trees at Wormsloe

Today I drove to Savannah to meet with my friend Jeremy Woodhouse who was taking a southern city tour for stock images. While researching great places to shoot I came upon the Wormsloe Plantation, which is the colonial estate of Noble Jones, one of the original English settlers who came with James Oglethorpe. What attracted me about the site was the avenue of trees at the entry which is 1.5 miles long. The overgrown and ancient live oaks provide an impressive presence as you approach the property. The long tangled branches reach out overhead forming a tunnel. The weather was hot and humid and luckily overcast, as the intermittent rain fell throughout the day. The mosquitoes and yellow flies were in full force. The place was virtually empty, I saw maybe 4 other people there in 3 hours. I had a perfect time, Jeremy was there all of 5 minutes as he shot the obligatory view of the avenue and was off for downtown.

PS: I give credit for the recommendation of this site to Robert Hitchman whose excellent publication, Photograph America, is my first source for great shooting locations.

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