The TraPac container facility is located at the north-west end of the Dames Point bridge. I first saw this from the bridge as I was returning home from a shoot at Big Talbot. It is one of those times where something seems to appear from nowhere. The project was completed in about 18 months and is quite impressive. I was contacted by Powell Design Group to photograph the 14 buildings and canopies that make up the facility. Each building had it's own character, largely dictated by the specialized functions contained within. Overall there was a design aesthetic that was consistent and in harmony with the neighboring wetlands. A security guard stopped to see what we were doing and remarked that he really appreciated the design of the buildings. I took over 600 images over two days, and was fortunate that the weather was cool and the skies blue. I even got some clouds on day 2. We stayed one evening to catch the sunset.

This project was very comprehensive and I am preparing the formal licensing and project deliverables to the client. I am also going to utilize PhotoShelter to provide a lightbox and ability for others to gain access and purchase rights to the images. This is a significant step in doing business as a must not only get the work, produce it, bill it, and manage the rights. My education continues. 

TraPac gallery.