What if you gave a party and 4000 people showed up?

Last night Imagination Squared! was unveiled to a crowd of almost 4000 at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Jacksonville. A culmination of 6 months work, and the participation of 910 artists (and would-be artists) from all around Jacksonville. It is perhaps the most significant cultural event to date in Jacksonville and demonstrates the creativity of two artists, the support of a core group of volunteers, and the response of a city hungry for the joy that art can provide. I am quite speechless about the turnout, and the overwhelming accolades from everyone who attended. I'm proud to say that I found myself in the middle of things towards the end of the project, when things started getting interesting. I guess the engineer in me just wanted a challenge. Congratulations to Dolf, Christina, and all the artists in Jacksonville for a job well done. And thanks to all who support the arts in Jacksonville. More details and stories to follow...

Imagination Squared Opening 1  Imagination Squared Opening 2

Imagination Squared Opening 3  Imagination Squared Opening 4