Back to the farm

This morning I went back to the family farm for photography of the main houses that my grandfather and his brothers lived in. There are 3 brick houses standing proudly. After a few shots I made my way to the back acreage where there were some sheds. I found a few interesting things including a very old tricycle. It reminded me of my old one...I don't know if kids use these things anymore. It's strange going through these old buildings with things just frozen in place. It was so humid and hot and my back was killing me, so things were not very conducive to creativity, but it was interesting to contemplate that I would be one of the last people looking at this stuff, that the next person there would be bulldozing it all down.

My Uncle Chan gave me a box of old stencils that were used to mark the crates of vegetables. Addresses going to all parts of the country, NY, PA, OR, MI, and even Ontario. I was so happy to receive these as it gave me an idea of how diverse the reach of the farm was. I also retrieved some parts from some of the packing crates. I hope to incorporate these somehow into the exhibition of these prints.