Do pictures get better the more you visit a site?

I was reviewing the shots I made on Sunday of the farm and was a bit disappointed. This is the 5th time I have been there in the past 4 weeks and it seems as if I am "cooling down" from the initial excitement of discovering it for the first time. You would think that once I got through the compulsory shots that I would be able to focus on more meaningful or deeper images. I don't know if this theory is true. I remember my first two visits were so productive. I couldn't stop shooting, and each time I turned around I found another image. Now as I walk through the place I see many of my previous shots, and I strain to find the "one that I missed."


I also knew that this may have been the last time that I would be able to shoot there, as I am leaving for Canada next week and this weekend is the MS150 bike tour. So in some respects I did not want to make a point of taking in the last moments, in fact I spent most of the time walking near the houses and the back acreage, and very little time in the barn itself. It seemed almost that my time there was over.

I had also planned to take some additional shots of my Uncle Chan near his tractor, or at work sorting through the piles of parts that he is taking to the recyclers. But it just didn't feel right to have him pose for me...I don't know why I didn't ask. I am very sad that the barn will be gone, and that the farm will no longer be in the family. I am grateful that I was able to produce the images that I made, and to have spent some time there. A very proper closure for me, and another way I am able to connect with my own father, who I know had deep connections with the farm. Perhaps I will be lucky when I return in November that the property will still be there, and that I can take my camera there one more time.

For now I will be happy with what I got, and not worry about the productivity of the session. It's just interesting how some days you seem to have it, and other days...well you just feel honored that you were able to be with your camera for a few hours.

Oh, I did make it to the chiropractors today for the first time in my life. You know my back actually feels better although I was totally shocked when I heard that crack come from my back after the doctor put me into a pretzel hold.