Better business through photography

I've started a project that hopefully will generate some income. I am photographing small business CEOs so that they can have a decent headshot (at least) for their web profiles and promotions. I remember as an owner of a business several years ago I never had any decent pictures of myself. Come to think of it I still don't! I used the same headshot in every submission. With the web being so visual, having some good images of yourself, your facility, and your business is very important. I have started to photograph the owners of businesses trying to get an environmental portrait that would indicate what they do. It's a tough assignment. I am hoping to build a great portfolio of images that will show the business leaders of Jacksonville. I'm working hard to improve my location shooting skills, and the ability to come up with a creative shot. It's not easy (at least for me) but I am having a lot of fun meeting people who typically are not in front of a camera very often. It's different shooting professional models and an entrepreneur/CEO. You can guess which one is more challenging.