Winter Wonderland

Ok, I left Jacksonville yesterday at 76 degrees, sunshine, and now here is my view from the Hampton Inn in Thomaston ME. Could someone please tell these guys that winter is over? It's March already. I'm here all week for a B&W Mastery Workshop with John Paul Caponigro at his studio in Cushing ME. It is very cold, with the wind chill hovering around 8 degress (yes, eight). We should get 8-10 inches of snow tonight. I hope my Pontiac Vibe makes it. I had to go to JC Penneys to get gloves yesterday. Today I was going to go out to shoot but decided to brush up on Photoshop skills instead...not a difficult choice to make. I am looking forward to meeting John Paul and learning about B&W conversions and printmaking from a master. I hope his studio has heat!