Big Talbot Sunrise

Big Talbot Island predawn Today Harry Sandler twisted my arm (ouch!) to catch sunrise at Big Talbot. There was a chance of fog and my fingers were crossed. We were up at 4:45 and made it there for the pre-dawn light. No fog, no clouds, no wind, and plenty of no-see-ums. We hiked out on Blackrock Trail and didn't see a soul. There's something surreal about arriving at Big Talbot in the pre-dawn at low tide. The water is still and the fallen trees surround you. You can hear the birds and the water is almost silent. If it wasn't for the gnats buzzing at your eyes, ears, and every place you did not manage to spray, it would be most pleasant. One day I will experience the fog at this location, today was not the day. After our shoot we drove onto Amelia Island and had breakfast at the Parkway Grill in Fernandina (right on AIA past Harris Teeter). Great food and good coffee. Harry and I said our goodbyes and he was off on his drive back to NY.

Big Talbot Island predawn 2  Big Talbot Island sunrise