Imagination Squared

DolfJames_2010-0324_060I just spent the afternoon at the studio of Dolf James, artist, designer, craftsman, and tinkerer extraordinaire, and one of the masterminds of the Imagination Squared project along with Christina Foard. Dolf was busy working on his "squares" for distribution to fellow artists. Find out more about this fascinating "creative response experiment" on their Facebook Page and website. There are over 600 5x5inch wood boxes/squares in the hands of artists throughout the area who are in the process of embellishing it with their own marks. More are being made and distributed, with no planned limit. "I'll keep making them as long as artists are asking for them!" These will be collected and integrated into a single installation - a grid of creativity. If you would like to participate, contact Dolf or Christina through their Fan Page or email at This is a perfect example of one of the many roles artists must play in the community. To engage, excite, create, and have fun with others. I think the outcome will be more significant that anyone could have imagined. It is probably one of the first projects that is unifying all creatives in our area, bringing together many people for the sole purpose of creation. That's pretty cool!

 The process of making squares...

Making the those fingers Dolf!  A little putty to hide the nicks  Sanding

Holes for hanging  Varnish...don't inhale!  Gesso

Gluing the information sheet  Read your instructions!  In the bags they go