Cloud Gazing

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon downtown, first meeting with a group from the organization Docomomo for a tour of the Police Headquaters and the former Daniels Building (both by William Morgan) and then heading out to the Springfield neighborhood to scope out some shots. It was incredibly hot and miserable (don't we all love to complain about the weather?). I decided not to wait for the sunset and as I was driving home I remembered that we were going to take my mom out to dinner at the Blue Bamboo. Seems like my memory is being challenged these days. As I drove into the driveway I was eyeing this incredible set of clouds overhead. The sun was beginning to set and these clouds began to light up. Dorian was in the yard with a neighbor. I parked the car, said a quick hello and grabbed the camera out of the trunk. For the next 20 minutes I was entertained, while Dorian contained her annoyance (thank you dear!) at our late dinner engagement. Funny how the most interesting shots of the day come when you least expect them.