Power plants and wetlands

It's interesting to me to see the coexistence of power plants and industrial facilities in natural places. The contrast of function and the effect that each has on the senses is both similar and dissimilar. Many industrial facilities end up being constructed in remote areas. In most cases the structures are large and the impact on the environment both physically and visually is significant. As I was driving out to the Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve, I passed our JEA coal plant and the cooling towers. These kinds of structures always strike me emotionally, in a way similar to a giant sequoia or redwood. To see a towering structure of such size and presence is ominous. You can feel the energy contained within. I know I will be returning to these structures for further study. Access is somewhat limited but there is a road that allows you to drive by fairly closely. Avoiding the dumptrucks and other large vehicles is a bit of a challenge...just keep your eyes open.


Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve is a state park which I had never visited before. When I arrived there was one person setting up his kayak. After about 15 minutes of quiet, another group arrived with their coolers, lawn chairs, fishing poles and crab traps. They were wondering what I was doing. I guess everyone has a right to enjoy the park. It was time for me to find another spot.