Corporate headshots

I was approached by one of our closest friends to provide some headshots for their marketing materials. Eek! So this is where you really do have to perform, these pictures will actually be used for something. Plus, our friends are architects, and you know how architects are when it comes to visual perfection (I know...I married one). Ok, it's the moment of truth when there are no excuses and you need to finally figure out how to use your d*mn flash. We arrived at their office and setup the softbox and Speedlight. Dorian posed for a few test shots which turned out terrible. Yikes, too much ambient light, do you shoot on manual, what was the sync speed, now the flash needs to be on slave channel 1 for the wireless thingy to work, decrease exposure, did I want TTL?, is the fill flash on, where do you put this soft box, let's see the light is coming over my right shoulder, wait, the stuff in the background is growing out of his head, watch out for the glasses...too much glare, man, is it hot in here? who screwed with the ISO setting? let's start with the 24-70, f5.6 or was that f4, no f7, oh who cares just take the shot.

Doug's rule of thumb worked..."if you take enough shots you are bound to get one good one." So I'm not a pro, gimme a break.