Finding inspiration today

Each day I try to find some inspiration for my photography. Last night I listened to Nancy Rotenberg's "Let Your Light Shine" DVDs that I purchased at the NANPA Summit. I love Nancy's calm voice and gently encouragement. Although I have seen some of the material before at her NANPA Keynote and her workshop, I received a refresher on what she felt we needed to pay attention to when living our creative life.  Nancy's website: Today I visited the site of Gary Crabbe who was one of my portfolio reviewers at NANPA. Gary is a long term professional and very talented artist who covers California extensively. His Yosemite and California coastal images are incredible. Gary worked for many years for Galen Rowell. Gary offered me a lot of encouragement and advice during my review and he is a really fun person to be around. Check out his work, subscribe to his newsletter, and read his blog: You can learn a lot about keyword tagging from his gallery...he knows his stuff because that's what he did for Galen.

Dorian pulled a book from our libray that is out of print but very appropriate to the type of photography I do. "By Nature's Design" by Pat Murphy provides images and explanations for all of the patterns and textures you find in nature. It's good to get the scientific explanation for what we see. You can get this used on Amazon:

I also updated my Photographers for Freedom blog with a final entry for the Topcats and the Disestablishment Ceremony we attended last week. (see entry dated March 27)