Discovery Launch from the Skyline Cafe

Final voyage of Discovery - view from Syline Cafe JacksonvilleToday the Space Shuttle Discovery made its final voyage. Discovery served us well as a symbol of achievement and quest for knowledge. I know the costs were staggering, but the benefits are innumerable. This image was taken from the 42nd floor of the Bank of America Tower from the Skyline Cafe. I like to find cool places to photograph Jacksonville and the Skyline Cafe is the discovery of the month, thanks to fellow artist Robert Leedy. The windows are relatively clean and you have access to almost the entire perimeter of the building. Skyline offers a few hot entrees, salad bar, sandwiches (hot and cold), and soups, all at a very reasonable cost ($8 can get you  a lunch) with an incredible view. There are buzzards constantly flying around the tower, wonder what "dead" meat they are sensing, couldn't be all the empty office space downtown could it? So far every time I'm there the sky is blue and sunny. I'm waiting for some nasty weather to roll in. I'll post interesting stuff as it comes.

Skline Cafe - Modis building loses its letters  Skyline Cafe - buzzards

Skyline Cafe - Jacksonville, looking east Skyline Cafe - The Landing rooftop Skyline Cafe - who says Jacksonville has no parking?