This is a Cool Place

This is a Cool PlaceDolf James is always coming up with something new and creative to get people involved with the arts in Jacksonville. His latest project, Art In Strange Places,  includes bumper stickers that are placed all over town announcing that Jacksonville is a cool place. How cool is that? Coinciding with this is Dolf's new installation at MOCA (chair related of course), and as a teaser to all of us wondering what the heck is going on, Dolf made 3 Red Chairs and is taking these all over town for pics. I went out with Dolf on New Year's Eve and we had a blast...driving around town and finding some cool spots. We met a few new friends on the People Mover and it suddenly occurred to me what a neat way this is to meet people . I mean it is much cheaper than having a puppy! When you carry around a big red chair people notice, they inquire, and ultimately they want to sit in your chair! Bingo.  

3 Red Chairs have their day in court  Hey, follow that chair!  3 Red Chairs enjoying the fountain

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