Family snapshot time

There comes a time when a photographer needs to be in the family snapshot mode. Family and friends depend on you to be the documentor of events, vacations, and other good times, so the shooting never ends. Not that we would want it to, but it would be nice to just enjoy a family outing without camera equipment, right? I've begun a habit of using my Canon G7 more on these occasions simply for the reason that I love to take family snaps and really hate lugging all my camera gear around Disney World. I've done that too many times. Besides it's a different skillset and mentality when you are using a point-and-shoot, in fact I enjoy the change. But you have to get over the fact that you won't be making any 20x30 enlargements of those snaps. The kids came home for spring break/vacation and brought friends so we headed south to Disney for a few days with my mom. Disney is a great place for the ultimate in artificial reality. It's the antithesis of a national park. Theme park/National park. Expensive/cheap. Crowded/secluded. Man-made/all natural. Wait in line/no line. 3 minute thrill/all day meditation. Fast food/bring your own. I enjoy the experience of both. Disney does an excellent job and the entertainment and accommodations are first class. I'll give them credit for that. We also visited the Kennedy Space Center. This is always an amazing place nestled in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Again, an example of opposites, co-existing and in harmony.

Which goes to show that you can find images virtually anywhere.