South Street Seaport chilly morning

Staying in Manhattan is always a challenge due to the high cost of a decent hotel. Our favorite is the Best Western Hanbee located on Grand and Bowery. It is only 2 short blocks from Diana's apartment and is brand new. But based on the particular dates, even these rooms can get expensive (normally you can snag one for 120-140/night). We moved to the Best Western Seaport Inn for 116/night...a bargain. Excellent accommodations, fridge/microwave, breakfast, and a great locations near the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge and right near the Financial District. I had one morning to get some shots, and I opted for the bridges instead of heading towards the buildings. Late March in NY does not guarantee warm temperatures. It was 28 degrees with a stiff wind off the river when I headed out the door. I left my tripod at the NYC Resistor loft where I was shooting Diana's prep, and wish I had it this morning. Oh well, do the best you can. Saturday morning is a great time in this area, very few people and no traffic. 2 hours went by in no time. Did I get the shots I wanted? I know I could have benefited from a tripod, especially this kind of work. Next time we will hope for some good rates again.

South Street Seaport bridge gallery.