Far above Cayuga's waters...

Yes I graduated from Cornell in 1976 and getting back to campus is always somewhat of a rejuvenating journey back to the past. Our son's girfriend's brother is attending the engineering school so we made a trip over to visit with all of them. Cornell has a beautiful campus, and there were a lot of changes (hadn't been back there in almost 10 years). But some things never change...like the clock tower, the Straight, and the gorges. We explored the Cornell Plantations for the first time. For the 5 years I was there I never went. And we made it out to Treman State Park one of our favorites.


Cornell University gallery.


Robert H. Treman Park gallery.

We took a side trip to Corning NY home of Corning glass and the museum. Again this is a place we never visited in our time up here. The exploring and discovery never stops, nor should it.


Corning Museum of Glass gallery.