Final days in Montréal

My official "day job" retirement date has been set to Sept 1, so I will be saying goodbye to all my friends in this wonderful city, and regretful for all the pictures I never got around to taking. Montréal is an optimum location for photography and I don't think I took advantage of it. I'm hoping that it will take a few months to sell my condo so I will have a chance to get final shots in. So the big lesson for me is to always be in "visitor" mode when you are on location, and get the shots you want because who knows what will happen and when you will return. I will always be thankful for the opportunity for living here and the images I was able to make. With all of this in mind my boss took me to the Laval Centre de la Nature which is right around the corner from our office. Actually we got lost getting there so we missed the sunrise, but this is a bit of an oasis in the middle of a city. We had a lot of fun testing out his new Nikon D300 and being late for work.

The next day I did my farewell visit to the Jardin Botanique de Montréal, one of my favorite places of all time. I will really miss being able to escape to this incredible place. My goal was to document as many of the plants and flowers as I could, but I was never able to dedicate myself to working through this.

Then I took some interior shots of my condo for the realtor. Finally got some use out of my TS 24mm lens.