Fashion Geek book rollout party

Diana’s book, Fashion Geek, officially went on sale March 12. For the rollout Diana wanted to have a fashion show in NY. My daughter is one person who goes for it. On the evening of March 19 at 8 pm, the Pop Lounge on 48th Street was popping. The previous day we spent the day helping Di finish up some pieces for the show. We were bending leads on LEDs and prepping battery cases and taking some pictures at her hacker space, home of the NYC Resistor group in Brooklyn. On Thursday evening, we arrived early to help haul in the clothes and props. Diana was busy directing the hair and makep, while her friends were busy activating all the electronics on the outfits. The gathering lasted two hours, as the four models danced on their Fashion Geek platforms and people were able to see the designs. I think the crowd exceed 100 at the peak of the evening and everyone was having a good time. MTV was filming, and reporters from Popular Science and Fashion News Daily were present. We all had a great time, and we were proud parents. The show itself was sponsored by Fashion Indie and Craft Magazine. It is interesting to see how the industry works, and the amount af networking going on at these events. Yes, NY is where it happens and things were happening tonight.

Fashion Geek prep and rollout party gallery.